Getting stuck in time with your home is not a smart move.  Buyers have choices and contrary to what sellers like to believe, buyers do not always have the time or energy to do the updates when they purchase.  Buyers will just purchase a home that already has the updates they desire.  The cost of inaction by sellers can be a far greater loss than would be incurred with doing some home improvement projects.

Below is a list of what buyers want based on Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs.  Value report.

  1. A nice, separate laundry room
  2. Exterior lighting – to enhance the architectural features and or provide safety
  3. Energy efficient windows and doors
  4. Ceiling fans – for décor and the ability to reduce cooling costs
  5. Patio – outdoor living space is one of the most coveted home features
  6. Hardwood floors – clean, durable, & low maintenance
  7. Garage storage space – storage space that is both accessible & organized
  8. Eat-in kitchen – a space for family and friends to congregate

Thinking about making a move?  Contact the Dixon Wardlaw Team, we can help you in deciding which updates or improvements will increase your bottom line and cause your home to sell in the timeframe you desire.